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Rewinding Echoplex cartridges


ECHOPLEX tapecartridges rewinding service

All Dunlop types for Echoplex and Fulltone tape echo's can be rewinded, even if there is no more tape inside (or broken tape). Tape will be replaced with the original lenght and original tape required.

The inventor of the Echoplex - Mike Battle - died in 2008 but before that he gathered all the right tape he could lay hands on, just to be sure he had enough to refill the Echoplex cartridges for years on. After he passed his family decided to stop this service, the only way to buy a new cartridge is to buy (and register) an Fulltone True Tape Echo.

Now we find the right tape for the job and your old cartridges can be renewed.

Contact us for more info, always reasonable prices for rewinding, track/trace shipping.

Mail to if your cartridge needs to be refurbished.

We also do this rewinding service for look there for more echo related things and maintenance fluid.





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